Breast Implant Sizing: How Will You Feel About Your New Breast Size?

Ask a woman how she feels about breast augmentation after the procedure was done. Studies show that by far most women who have had the procedure done are glad they have done it. If they have a complaint it is usually related to their choice of breast implant size. In fact, the leading cause of subsequent surgeries is really just to change the size of the breast implant. Why is this happening?

Let’s take a moment and examine how most patients are choosing their breast implant size. In most cases, patients are basing their choice of breast implant size on how various breast implant sizers look on other women’s bodies. They are encouraged to look at before and after photos and decide what breast size is right for them. In other cases, women are encouraged to cut out pictures of models with breast sizes they imagine will be right for themselves. Unfortunately, different breast implant sizes look different on each woman’s body. This system is just not working well.

Women who are satisfied after breast augmentation surgery talk about how they “feel” about their new breast size. Studies show the main reason women choose breast augmentation is to feel better about their breasts. If that is the case, how is a woman supposed to know how she will “feel” in a C cup or D cup based upon looking at photos? Breast augmentation is rarely just about appearance. Rather, breast augmentation is about feeling better about your breast size through the use of breast implants.

Why are doctors using photos and digital imaging to help patients choose their breast implant size? Unfortunately, it has been the only way to help patients until recently. From the early days of plastic surgery, doctors have presented patients with pictures, photos, and digital software for a patient to see how she will look. For most women, however, “the feeling” is more important than “the look”. To truly address the problem of breast implant size, the industry must make moves to help a woman choose her new breast size based upon experience instead of on photos and visualization.

Breast implant sizers are a step in the right direction. With breast implant sizing systems, a patient gets to feel the difference of a B cup, C cup, or D cup. The patient gets the opportunity to see how she feels about herself in each cup size before she makes a final decision. While the doctor may emphasize the way she looks, the patient can now make a decision based upon how she feels. As more and more patients experiment with breast implant sizers we may eventually see more women satisfied with their breast implant size choice after breast augmentation.

The breast implant size choice should be yours to make. You can take charge of that decision by experimenting with breast implant sizers to feel the difference. Try wearing a C cup out shopping one day. Later that day go out for a night on the town and pay attention to how you feel about yourself. The next weekend try the same experiment with a D cup. The more time you invest in trying various breast sizes, the more likely you will be satisfied with your breast augmentation size choice.

Breast Implant Sizes

While breast augmentation statistics show women are overwhelmingly satisfied with the procedure after having gone through it, the most common reason for patient dissatisfaction is that patients feel they have chosen the wrong breast implant sizes.

Recent innovative techniques have included digital photo imaging to help patients see what they might look like with breast implants.

More importantly, breast implant sizers are now allowing women to physically experience what it is like to have breast implants of various sizes prior to the surgery. The experience of feeling the size of larger breasts on her body, go well beyond the typical visual exercise of looking at two-dimensional image.

Breast implant sizers, such as the Purlz Breast Sizing System, allow a woman to try on sizers prior to her breast augmentation surgery. Innovations like this may indeed improve the statistics over time of patient satisfaction with her breast augmentation size.Article Source:

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